One Stop Solution For All Your Yarn & Thread Requirement

As a leading yarn and thread manufacturer in China , Kingbird manufactures a huge range of yarn and thread,our products are widely used in sewing, embroidery, sweaters, fabrics, copy, leather suture , Hand with the line, industry, aviation and other industries.We will provide you one stop solution for your any yarn and thread requirements.

  • About King Bird

    Kingbird supplies different yarn and threads to global market, such as Embroidery thread,Sewing thread ,Pre-wound bobbin thread and cocoon yarn,Metallic yarn,Fancy yarn,Blended yarn,Knitting yarn,Functional yarn,Industrial yarn and much more.

    Our monthly output for each product ranges from 800 to 1,000 tons.Whether you need twisted, dyed,winding or designed fancy yarns; Kingbird will provide exactly what you need.

  • Supply Chain

    More than 3500 professional production Factories to match every yarn product


    We have warehouse in main port of China.And cooperate with over 10 shipping companies to ensure the products transport

    Quality Control

    Two QC team to control quality,also we have Emergency Manage System (EMS) to response and deal with urgent problem.

    Raw Material

    Kingbird choose a high quality raw material from different countries.

  • ATC
    Standard 100

    Professional R & D Team Lead By Hajan Technical Director Will Help You Keep Great Quality

    Kingbird’s professional R&D team headed Mr. Lino, an Italian with over 35 years’ experience in the yarn and thread industry. Mr Lino led by the professional and technical team 10 a few people, deep into each type of production line products. On the yarn raw materials, spinning, joint stock, dyeing, and other technical issues to strictly control and technical guidance. We have more than 100 professional SGS test certification report, there are more than 20 new product development patents.