About Raw Materials

At Kingbird, our grasp of yarn materials is second to none. Quality and performance of all manner of raw materials – whether domestically or internationally sourced – are ensured.

With our centralized procurement and large annual volumes come many advantages over our competitors

Kingbird excels at the matching of order and factory  and main product, with thorough research and accurate execution.

We know yarn manufacturers and their markets inside and out – often better than they know themselves.

We have and keep updated a complete list of every potential yarn sector supplier, worldwide. This includes an evaluation as to each vendor’s specific capabilities, reliability, specifications offered, lead times and capacity – as well as pricing.

From that, we choose carefully (especially since their advantages and expertise vary widely), and “keep tabs” on each supplier throughout the entire procurement process.

For each sub-category we have vetted more than 10 highly-qualified manufacturers with pre-partnership third-party SGS factory auditing, main product identification, process review, equipment capacity/performance evaluation, and production environment inspection conducted on and result archived for each.

Every six months we conduct a retest of featured products and update each vendor’s rating.

Kingbird’s factory auditing and product testing, moreover, are extensive and ongoing. We leave “no stone unturned,” as each department, each link, and device undergoes scrutiny – along with management processes, shipment tracking, cost control, and so forth.