About King Bird Tex

Kingbird has specialized in yarn production for over 15 years and continues to have a keen focus on excellence in R&D, manufacturing, processing, trading, and service for orders of line, yarn, rope and belt products.

Kingbird selects only the most able, responsible, and passionate staff, leading our enterprise forward to truly reflect the charm and strength of our motto “Knitting The World Together”.
We are a yarn and thread manufacturer that complies with the Okey Standard 100 and BSCI audit requirements.

About Raw Material

At Kingbird, our grasp of yarn materials is second to none. Quality and performance of all manner of raw materials – whether domestically or internationally sourced – are ensured.

With our centralized procurement and large annual volumes come many advantages over our competitors. Kingbird excels at the matching of order and factory and main product, with thorough research and accurate execution.

About Logistics

A large, ongoing volume of over many years means the experience and clout to smooth out any logistical hurdle that may arise (and indeed, prevent such occurrences from popping up in the first place).

About Integration & Application Of Strenght Across The Globe

Markets are becoming increasingly internationalized and sophisticated, and so is Kingbird.

Research, development and new technologies for market-leading products: Knowing full well that R&D is the lifeblood of any modern product supplier in today’s age, we attach great importance to science, technology, innovation and development relative to our industry.