Choosing a right embroidery thread can easily accelerate the growth of your business. All that matters is your ability to choose an embroidery yarn that meets specific needs of clients.

The art of embroidery can be traced back to the Warring States Period.  Clearly, it’s a practice that has been around for a long time.

Obviously, this implies that there are many types of embroidery yarns. For new businesses, this can be an overwhelming task.

So, let’s review top 5 embroidery threads that can guarantee the success of your business:

1. Cotton Embroidery Thread

I consider cotton thread as a versatile material for counted cross stitch, Dresden, white of black works.  You have two main options: Medium-weight cotton for rayons and linen or medium thickness for lightweight projects.

100% cotton embroidery thread

However, cotton breaks easily making it a perfect choice for delicate fabrics or lingerie projects.

2. Polyester Embroidery Threads

Are you looking for an all-purpose thread?

Polyester yarn


Whether you’re using it for either machine or hand sewing projects, it won’t break when stretched. We have so many options to choose from such as:

  • Silicone or wax polyester; the thread can slip easily when sewing
  • Invisible polyester; remain hidden in cloth while adding more strength
  • Heavy duty thread; a perfect choice for canvas and upholstery for many décor projects. It is not suitable for most sewing projects due to heavy weight.

3. Silk Embroidery Thread

I find this a perfect choice when sewing wool or silk. It is a fine thread that does not leave holes on the surface.

Silk embroidery

Here, I will recommend the Chinese embroidery due to its shaded silk and fine look. Another alternative to this is the Indian floss silk.

This embroidery allows for a wide range of options and flexibility where you can produce shiny, smooth and multi-colored design for most projects.

4. Wool Thread

If you’re looking for embroidery that guarantees warmth, then wool thread is a perfect choice. It is popular for its extremely strong, nature hence suitable for heavy projects such as canvas and garments.

Wool Embroidery

Alternatively, you may use it for topstitching.

Some of the most popular wool embroidery includes: Kensington, Bargello and Berlin embroideries.

In short, there are so many options to choose from that can guarantee the success of your business.

5. Metallic Embroidery Thread

Some of the most popular finishes include gold, silver and copper. You’ll find this embroidery thread in handbags.

Metallic Embroidery

I will recommend this thread for machine embroidery more so, in situations where you need a flair for topstitching. Again, here, there are so many options available.

Even though these are some of the most common embroidery threads you can choose for your business, at times, it is worth considering specialty threads.

They bring a completely unique and stunning look. Take for instance:


For a fact, there are many types of embroidery threads you can choose to grow your yarn and thread business. These 5 embroidery yarns are some of the most commonly used in many projects.

Remember, there are over 2000 types of thread options available. You can contact us today for any specialty requirements.