Viscose Blended Yarn

Viscose Blended Yarn

Kingbird Viscose Blended Yarn is made of viscose material, though it can have other materials such as wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, cotton and hair .Viscose fiber base is known for many properties similar to those of cotton or other natural fibers. Its strength, versatility and ability to blend easily with many fibers, sometimes reduce the cost.

At times, you can use this viscose where luster, softness or absorbency and comfort is a priority.


Viscose Blended Yarn Manufacturer

    Kingbird Viscose Blended Yarns come in excellent color options. You can easily dye it with other vivid colors.

    Furthermore, Kingbird offers soft, breathable and absorbent features.  Generally, this yarn is widely used in fabrics, apparel, domestic textiles, industrial textiles and other areas.