Cocoon Yarn and thread

Cocoon Yarn and thread

Kingbird Cocoon Bobbins are specially used for the under-thread component in quilting machines and multi-needle lockstitch “Schiffli” embroidery, from polyester filament DTY, nylon filament DTY, spun polyester, to 100% cotton.

Kingbird schiffi bobbin thread of all sizes, engineered to sew accurately and consistently through the total length of the bobbin, it reduces waste and downtime ensuring a high quality of quilted product.


Why Kingbird Cocoon Yarn and thread

    Kingbird schiffli embroidery cocoon bobbin has a specification not only for absolute length and width, but also for weight.

    Kingbird cocoon yarn bobbins are carefully chosen to give the optimum balance of tenacity and length, increasing the quilted meters before the necessary shuttle change. Kingbird bobbin thread recommended will therefore have a tenacity to meet the requirements of the finished fabric.