Covered Spandex Yarn

Covered Spandex Yarn

Kingbird Covered Spandex Yarn meets the clients’ request on yarn’s complexity and elasticity. It is made of a Spandex yarn, covered with other yarns such as Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, Cotton, Acrylic, etc.

Spandex Covered yarn is divided into Conventional Covered Yarn (CCY) and Air Covered Yarn (ACY), depending on the equipment used. So, our Single Covered Yarn (CCY) and Double Covered Yarn (DCY) are based on the way they are covered around spandex yarns.


Why Kingbird Covered Spandex Yarn

    Kingbird Covered Spandex Yarns are widely used to make socks, swimming suits, jeans, sportswear, medical bandages, lingerie, seamless inner wear, etc.

    We work with thousands manufacturers to offer professional service in the global markets.