Cross Stitch Yarn

Cross Stitch Yarn

Kingbird Cross Stitch Yarn is specially designed for cross stitching in 11CT or 14CT fabrics that are commonly used in mercerized cotton or spun polyester. Generally, they have six strands in 4 or 8 meters length in each skein.

Kingbird high quality embroidery floss, dyed in rich colors allows for customization of the thickness of the thread. You can use it alongside metallic thread, wool, silk thread and rayon thread floss, creating more shiny effects for your cross stitch designs.


Cross Stitch Yarn Manufacturer

    Kingbird cross stitch patterns come in all colors of the rainbow, which you can use in solid color or space dyed multicolor.

    Kingbird six-stranded cotton cross stitch thread needs to be separated before use in hand cross stitch kits.