Hemp Cord

Hemp Cord

Kingbird Hemp Cord is made from a variety of good hemp plant fiber.

Kingbird Hemp Yarn is known for yarn count from 0.8s to 6s, hemp twine diameter ranging between 1mm and 5mm; with 1 to 4 multiplying yarns. The hemp cord is made of hemp thread, which can be hemp string or thick hemp rope; about packing.

Kingbird can do both paper tubes or paperless packaging.

Kingbird fine flax hemp cord, which is as soft as cotton, is popular in many accessory products. Also, the Kingbird Jute rope is popular for its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to rain, easy to use, etc.


Hemp Cord Manufacturer

    It is widely used in packaging, strapping, gardening and more wholesale hemp products.

    As a unique craft yarn, Kingbird colored hemp twine can be applied to handicraft projects, like weaving bags, flower vase and storage box for daily decoration with fun.