Latex Rubber Thread

Latex Rubber Thread

Kingbird Latex Rubber Elastic Thread can be traced back to its best raw material (imported Latex Rubber) and its great freshness upon extraction, which determines the malleability and long lasting use of Kingbird rubber thread.

Kingbird Latex Thread is well-determined to satisfy all demands of customers with high-quality rubber thread products, reliable standards, and continuous product development.

Kingbird rubber elastic sewing threads come in different types, sizes and colors with high quality assurance so as to satisfy the various customer demands. Kingbird rubber thread is suitable for a arrange of products from rubber threads for the producing socks, stockings, trouser bands, lingerie to all kinds of the rubber bands, used in the textile industry.


Latex Rubber Thread Manufacturer

    To ensure that Latex Rubber is consistently fresh, Kingbird has maintained a close proximity between the manufacturing facility and extraction source.

    Together with constant innovation, specialized care and attention to detail; Kingbird has succeeded in developing ideal rubber threads to be used safely by various related thread elastic industries.