Metallic Cord

Metallic Cord

Kingbird Metallic Cord come in many designs with both standard and custom shapes or sizes that can braided into different designs. The round shape is the most popular Kingbird Metallic Cord.

The silver or gold Kingbird Metallic Cord is a great braided non-elastic cord in the craft yarn item. They come in four main widths and styles, which include: Thin (1mm, 2mm, 2½mm, etc.), medium thick (3mm), 4mm thick and very thick (5mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc.).


Metallic Cord Manufacturer

    Also available are the 8ply, 10ply, 12ply, etc. to meet different needs of customers.

    Kingbird has Metallic Cord in hank or roll packing, with various colors available which clients can select from the Pantone card.

    With shiny luster, Kingbird Metallic Cord is quite perfect for weaving craft bracelets with charms, necklace winding, gift packing rope, tassel decoration, product tap thread and more accessories.