Cotton Embroidery Thread

Cotton Embroidery Thread(100%)

Cotton embroidery thread uses 100% cotton as raw material. It is natural and ecofriendly.

Cotton embroidery thread is known for high strength, washable, lint-free, with rich and bright colors. It’s widely used in linen cloth and thick cotton cloth.

Generally Kingbird embroidery thread is divided into machine embroidery thread and hand embroidery thread.

The Kingbird machine embroidery thread specifications available include: 40S, 50S, 60S, etc. Furthermore, the hand embroidery threads are mostly 26S and 32S.


Why Kingbird Cotton Embroidery Thread

    A Kingbird cotton embroidery thread is a twisted yarn where some are twisted into 2 plys or 3 plys and some are twisted into 2X6.

    Kingbird is a reliable embroidery cotton thread manufacturer and a good supplier of your choice.