Chenille Yarn

Chenille Yarn

Kingbird Chenille Yarn is soft to touch with feathery and synthetic texture that when stitched onto a backing fabric, gives a velvety appearance.

Kingbird chenille yarn patterns can be divided into cotton chenille yarn, rayon chenille yarn, polyester chenille yarn, acrylic chenille yarn and so on.

Kingbird chenille knitting yarn can be used in various clothing items such as throws, scarves and wraps. It is suitable for many needle size weaving and knitting projects.


Kingbird Chenille Yarn

    Kingbird chenille wool for knitting is available in both classic solid colors and multicolor (space dyed technology). With this bulky chenille yarn, making cozy accessory is easy and fast.

    Kingbird chenille yarn for knitting takes cables and textured stitches very well. This makes it ideal for color work. When mixed with other Kingbird item yarns, it makes wearable and warm garments when knitted by itself.