Feather Yarn

Feather Yarn

Kingbird Feather Yarn, also called the eyelash yarn, is made from either 100% nylon or polyester with soft yarn feathers. Kingbird Feather Yarn is beautiful for crochet, knit garments and accessories.

Kingbird eyelash yarn patterns consist of core thread and decorative thread, with Kingbird yarn feathers arranged in a certain direction.


Why Kingbird Feather Yarn

    Kingbird Feather Yarn boasts of various knitting patterns for eyelash yarn. At the same time, Kingbird technology director Mr. Lino has rich experience of dyeing in textiles to solve the color of fur yarn for knitting with great glossiness & touch.

    Kingbird Feather Yarn is ideal for decoration and seaming of your projects. We can customize these yarns to any color as per your requirements.