Lantern Yarn

Lantern Yarn

Kingbird Lantern Yarn, with a yarn knop shape like lanterns, features a skillful dyeing technology of solid color or space multi-color dye and the gorgeous colors. Kingbird clients can choose from Pantone TPX color card or customized options as per their special requirements.

Kingbird yarn ball lanterns have good looking appearance, mainly used for knitting and weaving. The main uses of this yarn include all kinds of fancy gloves, scarfs, socks, garments, etc.


Kingbird Lantern Yarn

    The finished product, if knitted with Kingbird feather yarn, is more fancy and special.

    This Kingbird yarn lantern is made from an A grade polyester raw material, with high color fastness and gentle feeling.

    Kingbird Lantern Yarn is a great choice for decoration and hand-knitting of your projects. We can customize any size, packing by a big cone you require.