Ping-pong Yarn

Ping-pong Yarn

Kingbird Ping-pong Yarn is a high quality yarn processed from polyester material, which has a yarn knop decoration looking like ping-pong. It is one kind of a popular fancy yarn for weaving and knitting.

Kingbird ping pong wools are available in more than 200 colors and the regular distance between any two yarn knops is 20mm-30mm (this spacing can be adjusted) to meet different hand-knitting needs.


Why Kingbird Ping-pong Yarn

    Kingbird Ping-pong Yarn can be packed in balls like 50gr or 100gr and by cone package. Furthermore, it can be processed according to customer’s special requirements.

    Examples of products made from Kingbird Ping-pong Yarn include knitted garments, hand-made coats, hats, blankets, cushions, etc. They have outstanding features such as super soft to touch, comfortable feeling, do not fade, anti-pilling, etc.