Tape Yarn

Tape Yarn

Kingbird Tape Yarn or Ribbon Yarn is a kind of novelty yarn made of ribbon. It is specifically made for knitting or well-crocheting, with some in warp weft form, woven flat, lily yarn and similar in appearance to bias tape.

What’s more, Kingbird yarn tape can be composed of many materials: acrylic, nylon, cotton, TC blend, etc.



Kingbird Tape Yarn

    Kingbird ribbon knitting yarns add ladder, metallic, bamboo and more patterns to make it unique crocheting like a scarf.

    Taking into consideration raw material, dyeing, winding and other factors; at Kingbird we make full use of strengths integration across the globe. For example, Kingbird purchases raw material of high-quality acrylic from Turkey and then process in China and finally exports Tape Yarn.