Color Transitioning Yarn

Color Transitioning Yarn

Kingbird Color Transitioning Yarn is uniquely known for its ability to change color on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light in the outdoors. This yarn will quickly change back to the natural white color (indoor) in the absence of UV light source.

With Kingbird Color Transition Yarn, as the brightness of sunlight increases, so is the thread.

Our color transition yarns can be divided into warm-toned and cold-toned. That is, the red series (e.g. pink) Kingbird Color Transition Yarn is warm-toned, whose transition in color effect is clearer.

On the other hand, our blue series color transition yarn (e.g. sky blue) is cold-toned so the effect on exposure to UV sunlight is weak.

Kingbird sunshine color changing embroidery thread is mainly used in embroidery projects, woven label, fashion garment needs and other color changing knitting.


Color Transitioning Yarn Manufacturer

    We control the quality of Kingbird special color changing yarn besides, customizing the yarns to the specific requirements of customers.

    If Kingbird sun color changing yarn is left out in the long-term heat of the sun, the yarn will easily lose the nature of color changing.