Conductive Thread

Conductive Thread

Kingbird Conductive Thread is a popular kind of functional yarn. The main materials in this yarn include spun polyester, filament polyester or nylon thread twisted with conductive materials such as stainless steel filament, spun stainless steel, silver-plated, carbon fiber, copper fiber or other conductive fiber.

They are distributed evenly, thus obtains a high performance of conductive effects in conductive textile, e.g. iPad screen touch gloves.


Conductive Thread Manufacturer

    Kingbird Conductive Thread is widely used in conductive fabric, conductive tape, conductive gloves, conductive clothing and so on.

    Kingbird Conductive Thread runs smoothly during sewing process to provide excellent conductive function.

    Kingbird Conductive Thread can satisfy customer’s various special requirements, suitable for sewing machine.