Luminous Thread

Luminous Thread

Kingbird Luminous Thread, also named Glow in the Dark Thread, has added advanced luminescent materials during the yarn manufacturing process with polyester for special embroidery, sewing or quilting. Within 10 minutes exposure to the visible light source, Kingbird glow in the dark embroidery thread can constantly glow for 10 hours or more.

Kingbird glow in the dark threads are popular among joggers, because of up to 4 grade color fastness and luminous colors on luminous clothing.


Luminous Thread Manufacturer

    Kingbird glow in the dark thread can be used to produce glow in the dark fabric, embroidery glow luminous color designs on garments or other more knitted goods that glow.

    Meanwhile, Kingbird luminous thread meets all requirements under the highest standard of eco-friendly thread manufacturing in the European market.