Temperature Changing Yarn

Temperature changing yarn

Kingbird Temperature Changing Yarn can transition to different beautiful colors on exposure to a range of temperature. For example, our blue color temperature sensitive thread changes instantly to white when touched with warm hands.

In a cool place with a temperature below 16°C, the white color thread returns blue.

Kingbird temperature color changing yarn has two pigments to create colors; one is the base and the other is a temperature sensitive pigment. When the two pigments are mixed, this color appears at a temperature under 16°C.

On the other hand, at over 30°C, the temperature sensitive pigment becomes colorless.


Temperature changing yarn Manufacturer

    For any special functional yarn, Kingbird has adopted unique product design, modern production systems and marketing for the integrated operation of production lines.

    All these aim to meet specific requirements of customers in need of yarns that change color.