Industrial Yarn

Industrial Yarn

Kingbird Industrial Yarn is a kind of filament polyester yarn with high strength and thick denier for industrial use, and the thickness is not less than 550 dtex.

According to its performance, polyester industrial yarn can be divided into high tenacity low elongation type, high modulus low shrinkage type, high tenacity low shrink type, and active type.

The HMLS polyester industrial yarn has the tendency to gradually replace the ordinary HT polyester industrial filament in the tire and the mechanical rubber product because it has the advantages of high breaking strength, low elongation and good impact resistance.


Why Kingbird Industrial Yarn

    The LS polyester industrial yarn, due to heat shrinkage, can produce fabric or woven rubber products with good heat stability, mainly for coating Weaving and dyeing, and so on; active polyester industrial yarn is a new type, which can greatly improve the quality of products.

    Also, nylon yarn for industrial yarn is widely used in canvas, transmission belt, etc., for high strength of nylon 66.