Polyester felt

Polyester felt

Polyester felt is also called polyester felt fabric. It’s one kind of Chemical fiber felt, raw material is polyester. Kingbird use advanced technique to make acrylic felt.

Compared with wool felt, it has big price advantage. It’s with high strength, and its elasticity is very close to wool, so not easy to wrinkle. Besides, its heat resistance is very good.

Kingbird polyester felt can be used as industrial felt, like used in different mechanical equipment as pad or to seal up. It can also been used as gifts, crafts and other decorative materials. In shoes, it can be shoe lining and shoe-pad, with its heat preservation effect.
Kingbird polyester felt is your best choice!

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Why Kingbird Polyester Felt

    Kingbird Polyester Felt Features: High strength and good elasticity.

    Kingbird can supply polyester felt in pieces and rolls, different GSM for your choice like 150GSM~5000GSM.