Polyester Spun Knitting Yarn

Polyester Spun Knitting Yarn

Kingbird Polyester Spun Knitting Yarn has been exported to various countries across the globe due to its high demand in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Polyester Spun yarn is available in counts like NE20/1, 30/1, etc. Compared to other spun yarns, Polyester Spun Knitting Yarn is cost competitive.


Polyester Spun Knitting Yarn Manufacturer

    Kingbird builds quality systems and works with thousands of factories to provide best price and high quality products. This spun yarn is used in making sewing and embroidery threads. Polyester spun yarn can be made from virgin polyester staple fiber or recycled spun yarn made from recycled PSF.

    Kingbird polyester spun knitting yarn can be used in knitting fabrics like 100 spun polyester fabrics. Polyester spun yarn can be raw-white & dyed as well.