Prewound Bobbin Thread

Prewound Bobbin Thread

Kingbird bobbins are prewound by high-tech machines which provide a smooth and uniform wind, and every bobbin has none or very little lint keeping your machine clean longer.Kingbird Prewound Bobbin Thread is available in “Class L” and “Class A” and “Class M”.

Kingbird Prewound Embroidery Bobbins has no side and with sides.Kingbird Sideless Prewound Bobbins give consistent thickness and are smooth-running. There is absolutely no residue buildup on the bobbin case. They are available only in white and black.

Kingbird bobbins with sides are excellent choices for durability and value. They are available in white, black and other colors.We Kingbird credit our success to the quality of our product line of thread bobbin.

Uniform wind
Good tenacity

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