Prewound Bobbins Size L

Prewound Bobbins Size L

Kingbird style 96 prewound bobbins, also named Class L Prewound Bobbins, are commonly of high quality 60wt polyester (75D/2) and 90wt polyester (70D/2).

Kingbird l style bobbin can be done in plastic sided or paper/cardboard sided or no side as per your requirements.

Kingbird prewound bobbins size l offers convenience and quality, and made from these continuous filament polyester materials, sideless or sided size l bobbins are virtually lint free and are the perfect weight for most every sewing, quilting, or embroidery project.


Why Kingbird Prewound Bobbins

    Kingbird size l prewound bobbins is no need for purchase of metal bobbin and its full length of yarn can be consumed while winding.

    The size of 120mtrs (132yds) per L-Type bobbin can save stocking space and is convenient in smooth-running of embroidery machine.