Prewound Bobbins Size M

Prewound Bobbins Size M

Kingbird Class M Prewound Embroidery Bobbins have less damage to bobbin case due to professional winding.

Kingbird prewound bobbins size m of filament polyester hold distinguished quality output, which means 200mtrs (Approx. 218yds) and has not knot.

Kingbird Pre-wound Bobbins Size M have increased productivity as the length of pre wound bobbin is longer than self wound, hence the embroidery machine does not have to be stopped frequently.


Why Kingbird Prewound Bobbins

    Kingbird prewound bobbins in M style can be used with both normal and sewing machines and multihead embroidery machines, available in White, Black and Chromatic Colors.

    Kingbird Jumbo prewound embroidery bobbins are not only made from Polyester Spun/Filament but also can do 100% Nylon (30mtrs per bobbin).