Prewound Bobbins Style G

Prewound Bobbins Style G

Kingbird Prewound Bobbins Style G is made from 100% Nylon, 20mtrs per bobbin, popular over our South America market for its better tenacity than polyester filament.

Kingbird prewound bobbins in G size will make softer and more beautiful embroidery works as this pre-wound bobbin nylon filament is fine and hairless.


Why Kingbird Prewound Bobbins

    Kingbird class G prewound embroidery bobbins can be used instantly when put in the bobbin case, which extends needle life, as it does not come in contact with the metal bobbin as of self- wound.

    Different from polyester prewound bobbin machine, G type embroidery bobbins with no side can be available in White, Black, and other beautiful colors.