Cotton Sewing Thread

Cotton Sewing Thread(100%)

Kingbird 100% Cotton Sewing Thread is widely made from long staple cotton, which is stronger and softer than shorter staple cotton, and is used in high-end garments for good touch feeling.

Kingbird sewing cotton thread has gone through sophisticated technology of combing, singeing, and mercerizing, then after high density twisting process, thus has better tension for 100% cotton fabrics (e.g. classic towel woven) or clothing.


Why Kingbird Cotton Sewing Thread

    Kingbird 100 cotton thread can be generally divided into carded cotton and combed cotton, thick cotton thread often 40S/2, 20S/2, and 20S/3.

    As one of 100% cotton sewing thread suppliers, Kingbird strong cotton thread is pretty suitable for high-speed sewing and durable iron pressing.